Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mission: Restoration Of Liberty

We are back, under a new name and a new focus.

This is The American Libertarian Beacon-Gazette and our goal is to further advance the notion that the Constitution is still important, and its specific purpose is to protect individuals from losing their inalienable rights to a tyrannical government. If you ask some people, this means we are extremists. But if you read the material here for any length of time and have any critical thinking skills at all, you will come to know it means nothing of the sort.

What we seek to do here is not difficult to understand, we want to keep the focus on liberty for all individuals. We are looking for the solution that always offers the most freedom for all people involved and the one that involves the government the least. We want the Constitutional solution.

For wherever you employ government to solve a problem, you will always find you lose some measure of freedom in the future. Once the cycle has begun, it spins more out of control and then you will soon find, you are looking toward government for almost everything.

This spiral has been spinning for over 100 years now. Two world wars and some lower level conflicts later, we see that the government has assumed much in the decision making processes. It is significantly entrenched in our lives and getting things back under the full responsibility of the individual is not going to happen, overnight. Still, somewhere we have to stop the drift towards more government, we have to turn this beast around and start moving it back towards where we once were. It won't be easy.

Many will fight it tooth, gum, and nail. They have much to lose as a result of you having more say in your life. They have been educating kids for a couple of decades now, so they now have a generation without a mistrust of government. But in spite of their best efforts, some are beginning to crack and see the truth.

Therefore, the time is right for repairing the disillusionment with reality and facts. We have to educate young people to revisit the past with more than just scorn and disdain, we have to describe what it was like to see and live in a better America. We must be patient when it doesn't come easily or it takes more time than we want to invest. Sometimes seeds don't grow right away, but they still need planted in order to do so.

Most of all, we need to get started soon, we must begin this now. And it all starts with making more sense when we present our argument towards against those who will resent it. Time to dig out the tares and start the planting process, time to do some work if we are to reap the good crops.

It is our hope that this blog can play a part in this process.


  1. Aha! You've migrated to this spot.


    1. Hello AOW/ Yes, I have. Thanks for the visit. Tell everyone that in a week or two I am going to be churning out anti-statist snark again.