Friday, April 18, 2014

Purposes And Intents.

Let's be candid here. I have a strong hunch that the goal (of some) is provoking a response, one that is sufficient enough to warrant armed crackdowns.

Charlie Daniels seems to think so.

Harry Reid takes issue with that kind of thinking and as you may expect, he doubles down. (Trust me when I tell you all, they are just sitting and waiting and this includes the Senate Majority Leader.)

Rand Paul is doing his best to diffuse.

As always, there is at least one real voice of reason, willing to speak up and make a pitch for calm. This is what we need right now, calm.... not Sen. Reid trying to passive aggressively incite violence.

I like Sen. Paul. He gets it.

What's funny is, Reid is giving Paul a role to fulfill...... a chance to prove he is the best chance at some semblance of a return of statesmanship. There are many who are capable, many who would be a standard bearer of excellence in leadership. With all of them together on a strong team, we could begin to reform some things for the better.

As it stands now, I think he's our best chance at turning a new generation into "wanters" and lovers of a free society. But.....I always reserve the right to change my mind.


  1. Megyn Kelly had Dinesh D'Souza on tonight live from the Bundy ranch (I think) where he said little kids were walking around wearing stickers that said "domestic terrorist". That's the kind of thing needed to repel this sheer insanity and depravity from the likes of Reid, who frankly in a just world would have been frogmarched out the front door of the Senate years ago.

    1. Is it too late to frogmarch him out now? At least we have the chance to get him out of power and back into part of the minority where he belongs. And now that they have set the precedent for the nuclear option in the Senate, maybe then we could ram some serious legislation down his throat... or at least obstruct the hell out of him and his dirty deals.

      He's such a bastard.

  2. Rand Paul's on video a couple of years back saying something that's really disturbing for libertarians and conservatives and DARN if I can remember it. Probably shouldn't have mentioned it here but I think it would sink him in any national election. Do you know what it is? If I find out, I'll let you know. Otherwise, I kind of like him.

    SO good to have you blogging again! Welcome back, LASunset.
    Your LA friend, Z

    1. Thanks, Z.

      I don't know what Rand Paul could have said that would sink him in a national election. I do know that what I hear from him these days is common sense....and THAT may be what sinks his national election chances.