Sunday, July 27, 2014

Project Reconquista Commences

The gates are open, the bum-rush has commenced. We now find ourselves staring at the face of a deliberate stream of illegal immigrants, pouring into America by the throngs. And in the midst of it all, the media has once again decided to farm raise the crickets that we hear chirping.

Welcome to Reconquista (Stage I), sponsored by LaRaza. It's been talked about for years, now it's happening.

For years now, we have witnessed a covert sneaky operation. We winked at it, we didn't take it seriously. It happened in the dead of night, on weekdays, when people were working, and when the Border Patrol was covering other areas, playing cards, etc.. Ten, fifteen, maybe twenty at a time would slip through.... then after a short pause, a few more. At that time, we didn't care too labor was here to do the jobs we didn't. They did a lot of seasonal work and slipped back home, once the season was over.

Today.... it's open, it's blatant, and it is directly in our faces.....and they have no intention of going back. There is no attempt to hide it and the only criticism being leveled by most of the MSM is how dangerous of a trek this had to be, for the "children". How horrible for them is all we hear from the complicit journalists and other hacks, who control our information.

It is not the least bit surprising to see that no credible media outlets have questioned how young children and toddlers have made the trip through all of this rough territory. No one at MSNBC or CNN has bothered to think about how these poor babies crawled here, without a parent or guardian. To top it all off, we are somehow being asked to believe that this is just a spontaneous act or occurrence, related to the poor conditions in their home country.

Some of us know this has clearly been orchestrated by the Obama Administration for one reason or another. There's no question about it. It is an act being committed for specific purposes and I bet the majority do not have any inkling why it is happening.

Here's what we do hear. The current immigrants are being equated to refugees by the policy wonks and we are being asked to think of them as such. Those who are not inclined to use critical thinking skills are swallowing the bait without a blink, they are the gullible class. 

The first thing to realize is that most people in this current wave are not children.... and.... many of the ones who are children are actually teens. They act and make decisions like adults, but we have been led to believe these are young school age kids with toddlers and infants.

It's hard to know the numbers because the government is not permitting anyone to inspect the facilities they are being housed in, after their arrival. It's all a big secret.

One Congressman was openly turned back at one place and many other people (with cause to view the situation up close) have been turned away also. If that isn't enough, Border Patrol Officers, ICE officials, and DHS personnel have been threatened with termination and jail, if they reveal anything they know. So much for the most transparent Administration, in history. With this bunch, there is no way of knowing anything close to the truth.

Many people suspect that the current government wants new voters. I am sure that's an angle they see, but is this the real reason they are behaving this way?

As we all know, once the people are here, they won't be forced to leave anytime soon. Soon, the call for amnesty will ramp up wildly....again. After that has been successfully implemented (with the phone and the pen), the cry will go out to register them to vote. La Raza will use every opportunity to register the people in the same manner and style as ACORN.....  presto!!!

So yes, that's part of it. I do suspect this may be one objective--but let me say that I have another hypothesis that I am developing.

I suspect far more nefarious and malicious rationales and intentions. It is my belief that many of these people in the current stampede are those with strong criminal backgrounds. Yes, they are young...but this is by design so that they can be more easily molded and influenced. They are the muscle, the ones the home country should want to keep at home, so they can better help their own nation survive.

But here's the clincher. The larger purpose of their arrival could be for the implementation of Hispanic terror cells that will have a mission of creating chaos, using violence very similar to jihadists and their methods. If so, these terrorists' primary objective will be separation of the Southwestern states from the Union, and their re-assimilation back into Mexico.If they cannot get the vote to do it through the ballot box, their job will be to create enough fear and anxiety that we will cave.

They can live and exist within the various Latino communities in the country, both small and large. They can do all of this virtually undetected, much like they do now in the illegal drug trade. If you think this is not possible, you need to think again.

Think about this a minute. There is no war in Central America right now. There is no persecution, no ethnic cleansing, no genocide going on either. These are the usual reasons we have historically facilitated the transfer of refugees into our country, but this isn't happening right now. It's simply not the case. 

To make matters worse, there is now talk about flying people in from Honduras--all because the "children" will be safer traveling in this manner. Never mind there is no real criteria being met. We must get these people here, now, and fast. And, we must have Americans pay for it because they are the evil empire, who stole this land from Mexico.

If there was ever a time in this nation we need someone with some guts to stand up to these dastardly deeds and those who do them.... it is NOW.!!! We need more than anything to wrest control of the Senate from Harry Reid and the other criminals who are content to let this happen. We need a super majority to block any chance of a filibuster.

Once this has been done, we need enough courageous TEA Party types with strong libertarian streaks to eject John Boehner and Mitch McConnell from their leadership positions. We need to replace them with people who are not cowards. They need to be people who will have the guts to use the Constitution to stop the criminal acts of this Administration, someone who will not be afraid to impeach and remove this bunch of treasonous hacks...

We are running out of time, folks. If we fail this time, we could be very well talking about martial law this time next year....and the suspension of elections, the next.


  1. We've given our country away, pure and simple.
    The very fact that angry illegals marched on Washington and were not all arrested is beyond belief. Screaming they have rights.
    Well, when they sneak in and an American pres is asking for SO much money to provide many of them with lawyers AGAINST US, what do we expect?

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  2. It's out fault. We invaded and took their land, labor and natural resources. White man's greed in a world of need. They deserve to take the southwestern lands back--after all it's theirs. Get used to it, you hater.

    - Barack