Wednesday, April 9, 2014

AG Holder Wants Tracking Bracelets For Firearms

Well of course he does.

These people, along with the sheep they control, still do not understand the purpose of the Second Amendment. It is not for self-protection, it is not for hunting or target shooting. It is to protect people from a tyrannical government that the Founding Fathers knew would eventually take over, if this safeguard was not in place.

Granted, a rifle (even if it is an AR-15) or a pistol cannot defend against a tank. But if we allow our firearms to be taken away from law abiding citizens, there will be nothing at all to slow down the carnage that an out-of-control government could manifest. It may not happen in my lifetime. But in someone's lifetime who survives me, they will likely be faced with this someday if we stand idly by now.

As it turns out, one of the secondary advantages of having the right to bear arms is self-protection. The ability to protect myself and my family from a home invasion is absolutely necessary in a world where police officers cannot be everywhere at one time (nor would we want them to be). The ability to shoot and kill someone who has the ability to hurt me in my own home is somewhat of a by-product of my constitutional right.

I have said it many times before and it bears repeating again. A gun is nothing more than a crafted piece of equipment that has no ability to act on its own. For it to kill, it takes a life-force committed to making it function in that very capacity. It is a hard heart that kills, not an inanimate object that has no life in it.

They know this. This is precisely why they want to be able to track guns. Someday when this all takes place, they will know precisely where the guns are, so they can be confiscated.   

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