Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Boehner Believes He Will Be Re-Elected Speaker

Big Government has the story.

This is precisely why the primaries will be so very important. It is imperative for all libertarians to vote against establishment GOP office holders in their states' primaries, this year.

If all true libertarians would wake up, they could realize that they can create the change that is needed to restore lost liberties and protect the ones that have yet to be taken. They can do this by invading the GOP and chasing out the progressive Republicans from their lofty leadership positions.

The progressive socialists did this years ago to the Democratic Party. As you can tell these days, there are no conservative Democrats anymore. There none who believe in individual freedoms, only the well-being of the collective. Socialists are clearly in charge now.

Today, the GOP establishment is now Progressive Lite and has no moral courage to fight the will of those who favor the collective. They lie to the American people during elections, telling them how they are going to fight for individual rights, smaller government, less government intrusion, less spending, and less taxes. But when they are in power, they turn their backs on the people who voted for them, they cave.

Speaker Boehner has caved on multiple issues, failed to deliver on his promises, and he needs to be replaced. And he can be, but only if libertarians will come to realize this very important point.

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