Thursday, April 24, 2014

Backing Away From Racist Commentary

Quite a few people, who were on board with helping this man keep his cattle, are now backing away from some dumbassed statements Cliven Bundy has apparently made. 

Let me just go on record and say, I have no tolerance on this kind of shit. For all I care, they can take his damned cows now. I will tell you that many good Americans traveled a long way to his ranch to help protect him from an overbearing and out of control federal government agency. They took time out from their lives, put their reputations (and lives) on the line, and this is the kind of crap he pulls. Many, like myself, wrote blog posts in his favor.

Anyone who helps him now will be painted as intolerant racists, on the level of the Aryan Nation and other hate groups. I am not and I do not agree with his ignorant statements either.
And although I will continue to speak out against government actions such as the one we just witnessed in Bunkerville, Nevada. I won't speak out for HIM any longer. He has a right to be a bigot and say stupid things if he wishes, but I don't have to speak out for his personal case any longer.....and I won't.

On to the next case.....and there will be one soon enough. 


  1. I watched that Chris guy on MSNBC on and off to see the reaction, as expected he spent most of the show flaming everyone who defended Bundy. This is going to be used incessantly against the GOP until November. Even CNN dropped their headlines about the flight to cover this.

    Personally I never defended Bundy, just condemned the overreaction. I really don't care if he's a racist dumbass. Harry Reid made some dumbass pseudo racist comments about Obama a few years ago. Biden called him clean and articulate. Bill Clinton said he should be bringing them coffee. Al Sharpton owes Uncle Sugar more than Bundy and gets the president out to his shindigs. Nothing has changed as to the reason people showed up. They didn't show up to honor a backwards cowboy.

  2. All points well taken. Even so, this could have been the turning point in a cause that has been presenting itself for a long time, but with no real opportunity to advance it. This could have been where the people made their stand against that overreaction, overt intimidation, and overbearing tactics. But in one fell swoop, the cause of our credibility was destroyed. No it's not about the idiot, but we cannot sell that to the people on the fence that we could have won over.

  3. Can't argue with that. It's risky to get onboard without having extensive knowledge of a person based on the way these media jackals look for anything to crucify people (and if nothing i there they will make it up, ie, Zimmerman). The focus needs to continue on the overreaction and the unfair application of law in this country. Repub leaders could point out that Sharpton would not encounter armed IRS special agents in the MSNBC cafeteria demanding he pay his 1.9 mil in back taxes. But instead we get Johnny Boehner attacking his own party because his monied interests are on his case. Its a joke. And it's going to turn a lot of people off.

  4. As I said over at Z's blog:

    Mr. Bundy is a cattle rancher -- not an academic. And, yes, he lacks "sophistication." So what?

    His knowledge of cattle ranching allows up to buy beef in foam trays in the grocery store -- so that we can remain "sophisticated."

    Furthermore, just because a man is wrong about one issue doesn't mean that he wrong about another issue.

    And here's something else...

    Just because an author is a Leftist (Steinbeck, for example -- and to a lesser extent, Charles Dickens), that doesn't mean that we should disregard everything that an author penned.