Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mean Cops

In Broward County, cops punch a drunk in the face just for meanness.

In Texas, a cop deliberately trips people celebrating a soccer championship, for meanness.  

Etc, Etc, Etc, Etc..... 

Now, please understand that I support law enforcement officials who uphold the law in a fair, firm, and consistent professional manner. I realize they lay their lives on the line for us, everyday, when they go to work. The first call you make after learning your house has been robbed is likely to get a squad car out. The good ones are indispensable.

Still, with all the good they do, there are a growing number of incidents like you find at the end of these links. And that isn't the saddest part of all. That comes down the road..... in an era, we call the future.

It will not be long before some of these mean cops, who are tolerated and protected by the police departments and unions, will have some serious military equipment. Some of them are in small towns.

What can we do, when a small town asshole cop gets a tank to rule over his county like a mafia boss? Right now there's not a lot that can be done, unless we all get some sense and demand our elected officials do what they are paid to do. If not, we can take actions in a variety of ways.

Here's one way a small hick town group of crooks can be handled. Can you imagine what these jerks would be doing if they had an armored vehicle?

We get the government we deserve when we tolerate corruption. We cannot complain, not if we are content to lay idly by and let this happen.

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